Meeting 2017



Suicide Prevention Strategies in Special Populations


1:00-1:15 pm       Welcome – ASHP President 2016-2017

Carlos Zarate, MD


1:15-1:45 pm       Neurobiology/ Novel Treatment Suicide

Carlos Zarate, MD


1:45-2:05 pm       Suicide Prevention Interventions for Adolescents

Sebastian Cisneros, MD, PhD


2:05-2:35 pm       Depictions of Suicide in the History of Art

Fernando Espi Forcen, MD


2:35-3:05 pm       Suicide Risk in Older Adults

Bernardo Ng, MD


3:05-3:35 pm         BREAK


3:35-4:05 pm        Global Mental Health – Focus on Latin America

Javier Escobar, MD, Ms


4:05-4:35 pm        Feedback and Discussion

Ruby Castilla-Puentes, MD, PhD, MBA & Ivan Montoya, MD


4:35-5:00 pm        Update on Collaborations:

Mauricio Tohen, MD, PhD, MBA

Alvaro Camacho, MD, MPH

Juan A. Gallego, MD, Ms

Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez, MD, PhD

Bernardo Ng, MD

Gerardo Villarreal, MD

Oscar Jimenez, MPH

Ruby Castilla-Puentes, MD, PhD, MBA


5:00-7:00 pm       Reception